Trevor Otts gives a video testimonial for the IEC.

Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander was truly a godsend for our family. She is very passionate and dedicated to helping change the lives of children for the better. Prior to meeting Angela, our son was suffering terribly. He was easily frustrated and unwilling to do homework or even try in class, his confidence was nonexistent, and his grades suffered. When anyone tried to help him, he became more frustrated and impatient with us – and himself. He was on the edge of failure and about to give up on himself.  In fact, if it were not for her guidance, our son would have been placed in special education classes. Instead, he’s now an Honor Roll Student and boasting confidence! We could never have achieved this without her help.

Vicki Poullard gives us a testimonial for the Institute for Exceptional Children

Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander forced me to identify and explain the true source of my concern and opened my point of view to all of the wonderful benefits that the PG County Public Schools System had/has to offer. She also made me focus on what was fact versus fiction about the County’s school system based upon her vast knowledge as a front-line educator and as an administrator – don’t believe the hype!. She taught me a lesson – which is something that I often preach to others – your child’s education is what you make it because your child will only care as much about school (whether public or private) based upon how much you care about school. A true education realism. After all, I know plenty of kids from my own experience who attended top-notch private schools and still don’t have college degrees to this day – 20+ years later! So, thanks to Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander, all of my children are enrolled in one of the County’s many magnet programs, and all are excelling – well two are currently, the third will start kindergarten in the fall. So, thanks to you, Dr. Barrens-Alexander, my education realist.

Trevor Otts gives a testimonial for the IEC.

Besides having a precious heart and spirit, Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander is an education realist, and those are hard to come by. I solicited Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexanders advice when my son was about to start kindergarten. Prior to that he had been in private pre-school, so the world of public education (outside of my own in another state) was new to me. Layered on top of it being new territory, I was faced with the “reputation” associated with PG County Schools, that being if you live in PG County and care about your child’s education, you send them to private school. Having received part of my education through private school (in another state), this was not as foreign to me and made it somewhat easy for me to blindly opt for that route, and accepting the financial responsibilities that would come with that choice. However, I mentioned my issues to Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander, and she reminded me to be realistic. – Marcella

Ash Shukla gives a testimonial on the IEC.

I came to Dr. Angela barrens-Alexander with a unique issue. My daughter was identified as a gifted and talented student in elementary school, but still found many challenges in the school environment. She was often disengaged with her peers in the classroom and struggled with behavioral issues associated with trying to fit in. Dr. Angela barrens-Alexander counseled me on how to partner with my daughter’s teacher and guidance counselor to help her work through socializing in the classroom and building relationships with her peers. We also worked to identify extracurricular activities that provided an opportunity for my daughter to experience successes that would build her self-confidence. Later in middle school, my daughter had become quite the social butterfly and developed several meaningful friendships; however she then began to experience more challenges with her schoolwork. When I tried to help her with her homework it seemed like the clash of the Titans. Dr. Angela barrens-Alexander helped me understand that my daughter and I have very different learning styles and while I was trying to help her with her homework we were speaking different languages. This was further complicated by increased stress that is natural with adolescence. With Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander’s help, we identified the learning strategies that work best for my daughter and helped her learn to manage stress.

Now my daughter is entering her senior year in a highly-competitive science and technology high school. She participates in a number of clubs and organizations at her school while maintaining a 3.7 GPA including a number of advanced placement courses and is excited about her prospects for college. Thanks Dr. Angela barrens-Alexander!! – Adrienne

Joan Edelin gives a testimonial for the IEC.

I was having a problem with my daughter and a 2nd grade teacher and I want to help my daughter who was struggling in her class. Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander helped me to relate to this teacher and assisted me in communication with her and by the end of the school year, the teacher and I were able to work together and my daughter turned it around and excelled.
This woman of God gave me materials to work with my daughter, she personally reviewed her tests and scores and gave me the proper instruction to help my child in reading and math. In 4th grade we struggled and again this sister guided me through parent teacher conference and she took the notes I gave her and equipped me with how to successfully help my daughter. Year after year this woman of God has guided and personally supported me in educating my daughter. With her guidance, my child has been on the honor roll with 3.2 GPA or high honors since 1st grade and she is now on her way to middle school. Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander taught me the importance of self confidence in our children is the key to their success. If we believe in them and they believe in their selves, our children can accomplish all their dreams. Thank you for your love and support for me and my child, because of you I know she is on the right track and will do great things for God.

Che Brown gives a testimonial about the IEC!