• STEM Math Workshops

    What will your child do this Spring Break to get ahead in the classroom? Support them with STEM!

    Learn more about our Maryland workshop.

  • Does your third-grader have a college plan?

    Our goal is to work with families to prepare their children for the college of their choice and to attend that college for little or no money. College is now exceeding $100,000.00 for a four-year degree. Will your family be ready for these costs?

  • Abandonment issues, academic concerns, under achievers?

    We are dedicated to helping parents and children by providing strategies to maximize each child’s individual potential in school.

  • The Guide To Raising An Exceptional Child

    Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander, founder of the IEC, writes about raising an Exceptional Child in the 21st Century in her upcoming book – A Letter to My Cousin. Secure your advanced copy today.


Do you believe your child is exceptional?
We do.

At The Institute for Exceptional Children, we believe all children are exceptional in numerous ways and we are excited about the difference we make in each child’s life by finding and enhancing their gifts. We provide the building blocks to assure academic success. If you are interested in promoting an environment of academic excellence in your home the IEC is for you.

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