Saving Parents $1,000,000's

At The Institute for Exceptional Children, we believe all children are exceptional in numerous ways and we are excited about the difference we make in each child’s life by finding and enhancing their gifts. Over the last 10 years we have saved dozens of parents millions of dollars. What can we do for you?

Goal Oriented

Whether your child plans to attend an Ivy League institution or chooses to stay close to home and work in trades; we will help achieve that goal.


We optimize opportunities today for your child's tomorrow, locking in college savings by taking decisive and intentional action now.


The Institute is always looking to help families that see optimizing their children’s academic success as a priority.


Give your child a boost today!

The Straight A Family

Help your child prepare to become extraordinary by sending them to school with all the necessary experiences and skills to be successful, Avoid the possibility of lost opportunities for greatness.

Exceptionality Assessment

This is a direct experience involving you and your child while Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander applies her extensive educational background to intelligently explore what activities or skills your child enjoys that easily transfer to college entry and a lifetime of fulfillment.

Parent Teacher Success Bundle

Get your copy of the Straight A Family, the Parent Teacher Conference Survival Guide and a 1-on-1 Exceptionality Assessment with your child highlighting their strengths, challenges and a personalized success strategy tailored to your students needs and goals.

Your Child’s ‘Straight A’ Year – Payment Plan

1-on-1 coaching and resources to help improve your child’s academic performance. 3-payments of $397

Meet Our Team

We've been where you are. Let us help!
Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander

Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander

Founder and CEO

Dr. Barrens-Alexander has 30 years of experience with children ranging from head start and pre-kindergarten through high school. Additionally, she has been an adjunct professor and has worked with graduate students seeking master’s degrees in counseling and psychology, English as a Second Language, science, mathematics, special education, and educational administration.

Marjorie Alexander

Marjorie Alexander

Tech Specialist and 1st Client

Marjorie Alexander was Dr. Barrens-Alexanders first client. Challenged with not wanting to complete homework just to spite instructors Marjorie went on to earn a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. Now Marjorie hosts and produces her own environmental podcast, works as the tech specialist for a podcast production company and is very active with the Sierra Club and other community organizations.

What clients are saying

No matter the challenge, each family we have worked with through the years has seen a significant improvement in the student's school performance.
Proud Mom

Proud Mom

With her guidance, my child has been on the honor roll with 3.2 GPA or high honors since 1st grade and she is now on her way to middle school.

Concerned Parent

Concerned Parent

If it were not for her guidance, our son would have been placed in special education classes. Instead, he's now an Honor Roll Student and boasting confidence!

Mother of Three

Mother of Three

Thanks to Dr. Barrens-Alexander, all of my children are enrolled in one of the County’s many magnet programs, and all are excelling.

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