Parents know that on the other side of high school lies a vast world for their child.  This world can be uncomfortable or it can be a glorious time for them.  A college education is good preparation for turning the odds in favor for your child.

College costs have risen to over $40,000 per year resulting in a severe financial burden for parents.  Scholarships covering all or part of the costs can be a huge relief.

Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander, Ed D has prepared numerous children for college, with some of them earning a scholarship.  She advocates for parents to begin to consider their child’s abilities and to give them the opportunities to excel at skill sets that position them for success in college and life.  When a parent starts at an early age for their child, anywhere from Pre-K to 5th grade, it gives the child time to become eligible for college scholarships. 

Discovering your child’s abilities and skill sets is easy with Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander’s Exceptionality Assessment.  This is a direct experience involving you and your child while Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander applies her extensive educational background to intelligently explore what activities or skills your child enjoys that easily transfer to college entry and a lifetime of fulfillment. 

The Exceptionality Assessment includes:

  • Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander meeting with you and your child for up to 6 hours
  • A full written report from Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander covering your child’s strengths, and challenges along with a summary of how those will effect their ability to enter college
  • Written recommendations for your child to excel at their strengths
  • Written recommendations for correcting any challenges that would impede their ability to enter college
  • Procurement of any specific resources that would facilitate the child’s strengths

We make a difference in the lives of children that we support. Join us!

Dr. Angela Barrens-Alexander is available to speak with you regarding your child’s potential for college. You can schedule a Discovery Call with her. The Discovery Call is 30 minutes long. Here’s the link to schedule the call with her: